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  • Wowtorn Australian Private Server

    25x rates
    Cross faction Raiding Blizzlike Scripted instances
    Cross faction PvP and battlegrounds - 1v1 will activate BG
    NO pay to win
    Custom Mall !!

    Cross faction groups and chat!! join /world

    Unique to Torn, Legendary Weapons! vendor

    All flight paths from lvl1 and are instant, lvl 1 mount at the start

    100% speed mount lvl 20

    Visit the forums join Discord

    Read the How to play guide on how to connect to WoWTorn
    Awesome Voting rewards, 2 points per vote

    Check Character Re-Customisation and the Shop on where you can spend them

    There's much more to come....
    Delete wow Cache folder every logon

    Come have fun while we wait for Classic to launch 


    The original creator of Torn 





Vote System

  • Please vote daily to earn our server reputation help us grow in population!

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  • Realm name: ZulDrak
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  • Type: PVP
  • Language: Oceanic
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